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Name:Johnny Crame
Johnny Crame is an Original character wholly created by me. I and he have nothing to do with Jason Statham. Muse and Mun are both over 18.


Johnny Crame is a special effects master, and a martial arts brown or black belt in six areas. He is very bad at social situations. He also looks exactly like Jason Statham, to his annoyance. Born to a wealthy family, he quit it early on, breaking with them and even changing his last name to avoid a family he had learned was corrupt, but unwilling to take them down personally.

Starting out to Hollywood with a minor acting bug, he ended up catching a break not in that field but in the special effects one. Working a day as an effects man when another had walked out, he found himself good at it, and poured his efforts into the job. He still liked to act, but somehow had never struck it big. Johnny just liked to work, and had played parts from action to romance, all bit roles, even as he continued as a special effects man. Somewhere along the way, he discovered that he no longer was affected by fire, impact, or electricity, and couldn't be cut or blinded. This enabled him to go even more extreme with the special effects he did, and he took a few jobs as an explosives man for people who needed a lot of help.

He still hates it when people call him Jason however.
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